A brand-new Delilah Dirk adventure, blossoming this Spring! Delilah seeks to extract a signature from a tyrannical property owner while coping with an obnoxious merchant and a handful of Turkey's sourest apples.

Delilah Dirk and the Seeds of Good Fortune (working title) will be 36 pages of self-published high-quality black & white adventure (plus full-colour covers).

It will debut in Early May at the Toronto Comics Arts Festival (you know, TCAF) and will be available for purchase online shortly thereafter. I will also be with the book at the Vancouver Comics Arts Festival (or VanCAF) in May and at the big ol' San Diego Comic-Con in the Summer.

Updated information will be posted, as always, to the Delilah Dirk website, the Twitter Feed, and to the Facebook page.


Here, though, is a sneak peak at some of the characters we'll see in The Seeds of Good Fortune, including a slightly modified design for DD's outfit.

Preview pages will be posted as we approach April. I look forward to sharing more with all of you enthusiastic DD readers - The Seeds of Good Fortune is a fun, tight little story that is a solid evolution from the work in The Turkish Lieutenant, and I'm feeling pretty confident that you guys will enjoy it the most!


Yeah, neat, okay, but, where's my book version of The Turkish Lieutenant?

That is still a little further off!I know you are probably tired of hearing that. If it takes the sting out, know that I am much more frustrated to know that people are so eager to have this book and yet am unable to provide a satisfactory answer to the question. However, I am hoping to have some good, solid information to give you very shortly...

Why black & white? What is this, the 19th Century?

Black & white primarily because of time constraints, but also because I like the look and feel of nicely-printed black and white comics. I'm confident that I'll be able to deliver a mood and texture in black and white that many colour comics fail to achieve [he said, throwing his gloves to the mat].


Madly scribbling,



(And as always, feel free to contact me with your thoughts or questions!)